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Steeped in 90s hip hop, funk, as well as classic rock and pop, producer, mix engineer, writer and bassist Braygo brings his sensitive ears and tasteful sensibilities to each and every project he works on. His latest work can be heard on the 2021 release, “Maya Ghose” an album full of upbeat and hopeful tunes that are easy to listen to, but hard to forget, and are being represented by Brickshore PR/Management in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Braygo spent his teen years producing solo projects and playing in the Alternative/Indie band, “Moondrive”, where he learned how to manage and direct four opposing musical personalities. In addition to his leadership duties, he also wrote and produced songs, played bass, and performed backup vocals in the three studio-recorded EPs/LPs the band created over its four-year journey. Braygo currently is a Music Industry Major at Drexel University, focusing in Music Production and Recording Arts. Here he continues to work on solo projects of hip hop nature, and is a part of the popular Math Rock band, “Calcountry”, who won Drexel’s 2020 battle of the bands in their first ever performance. 


Born in New England of mixed heritage, Braygo has a unique perspective on music and life. He’s from a rare breed that believes an opposing opinion is not necessarily a threat, but a vehicle to learn and understand all facets of our diverse communities. This mindset has led to many animated discussions amongst friends, classmates, teachers and colleagues about music, culture, social dynamics and everything else under the sun, all which spill into his creative endeavors and serve as everlasting inspiration.

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