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Music Production Showcase



Artist's pick

The Dirty West is an Experimental Hip-Hop Western concept album that tells the tale of a Lone Ranger who sets off on a journey through the Southwestern deserts to hunt down and kill super villain Deadeye Dez, and avenge his dead wife

"Braygo’s production skills shine in every beat and note, seamlessly intertwining with Ghose’s dulcet tones to create a rich, textured soundscape. The modern pop rhythms and classic soul undertones make for an infectious groove that is hard to resist."

          - Hype Magazine
"'Around the Fountain" grows in energy and complexity with every listen, blending fresh, vibrant sound with a delightful throwback vibe. Maya Ghose's characteristic genre-defying style is on full display, with elements of contemporary R&B, pop, and soul all finding a harmonious home in this nostalgic anthem. The single is produced, mastered, and co-written in a family collaboration by Maya's brother Braygo, an accomplished producer, engineer, and writer. The two siblings have created a magical mix of styles, crafting a piece that is equal parts innovative and familiar."

          - Natalie Patrick (author for Earmilk)
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Producing music under the moniker “Braygo”, Brayden’s fingerprints are all over a handful of stellar projects. Lacing together intricate layers of samples, live instrumentation and smacking drums, Braygo has the ability to take a singular idea and create a symphony of textures that flourish into an expansive world of sound. Most recently, Braygo released his anticipated concept album, The Dirty West, suspending listeners in the heart of a cinematic Western. Additionally, his collaboration with Maya Ghose has led to the release of two R&B/Soul tracks, “Around The Fountain” and “Hold Me Close”, which received outstanding reviews from  Earmilk Magazine and The Hype Magazine. 

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